What to do BEFORE You Press Record

So you’ve decided you need a video for your company or non-profit. What now? Here are some things to think about before you hit record.

  1. Who is your audience?

This is very important as the answer will set the course for how your video is presented and produced. 

Will the people watching your video be potential or current donors or customers or is it meant for the general public (anybody and everybody)? The structure of your video depends on the answer.

Let’s say it’s meant for an audience of donors or customers, you want them to be motivated after the video is over to write a check or buy a product. Include a call to action at the end like a website, phone number, address, or email. Basically, whatever you want them to do next.

2) Where will the video be shown?

This is another important question to ask. There are a variety of places where your video could be seen including social media, at a fundraiser, on your website, a TV commercial, or a trade show. 

This matters because it helps determine the dimensions of the video as it’s presented. For example, if it’s only going to be on social media it should be square, 1:1, in shape. Most people watch social media videos on their phones and the 1:1 aspect ratio matches how they hold their phone in their hand. Don’t forget closed captions, 85% of people watch videos on Facebook with the sound off. 

If the video will only be shown at a fundraiser the dimensions should be the standard 1920×1080. The same is for a TV commercial or on a monitor at a trade show. 

You’ll want to check with your web hosting site before uploading a video to your website to see what their recommendations are since each hosting company has different requirements.

3) What do you want the viewer to feel?

If you only remember one thing from this blogpost make sure it’s this…viewers remember how they feel after watching a video not what they learned.

You can throw stats and information at the viewer all day but how the video made them feel will stay with them. Ask yourself what you want that feeling to be…happy, uplifted, motivated, emotional, fulfilled? Or something else?

Keep in mind one video isn’t going to explain everything associated with your business or non-profit. You want the viewer to want more when the video is over and not be thankful that it’s done. Find a specific theme and stick with it throughout the video, don’t try to pack it full of information. If you have several themes that are important, express those in other videos. It’s better to have several 1-2 minute videos on one topic than to have one 5-7 minute video on several topics.

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