Video Dimensions

Okay, I just can’t resist. Size matters. I’m talking about the size (or dimensions) of your video. What are you talking about?!?!?

Social Media Videos

Portrait Mode

If your video is going to be shared on your social media pages it should be square, 1:1. Most people scroll on their phones in portrait mode like what you see in the picture above. The square video fits nicely in portrait mode and makes it easier for the viewer to watch.

Landscape Mode

The second picture shows an image in landscape mode. This is how you’re used to watching your TV. Your video should be in landscape mode, 1920×1080, if you’re showing it to a large group like at a fundraiser or posting to YouTube.

The best way to share a video on social media is square shaped, 1:1. There are no black bars and it’s easier for the viewer to enjoy. The key is it has to be edited this way from the beginning. If you take a traditional landscape style video and try to turn it into a square video you’ll cut off the edges and when you zoom in it goes out of focus.

Facebook Cover Video

There’s one more video shape to consider and it’s exclusively for your Facebook page. Facebook now allows cover videos in place of cover photos for business or non-profit pages. This video is wider from side to side but shorter from top to bottom. Like the square video, you can’t take a previously edited video in the landscape format and place it in a Facebook cover video because you’ll cut off parts of the video.

Here’s what a Facebook cover video looks like in action.

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