At Your Story Media, we believe in making connections through stories and the people who live them. Who better knows your story than you? That’s why our mission is to help you tell your story with your words. Dan Bewley draws on more than two decades experience in broadcasting to find and produce compelling stories that build an emotional connection between you and your clients. We specialize in a quick turn around and can have a story ready in no time at all. Think of us as your personal news department.


Video Production

We work with you to tell your story. We pride ourselves on being storytellers and our focus is to let the story tell itself…sometimes it’s fast-paced, sometimes it’s a little slower. Whatever it takes to capture the moment. We take the way your story sounds just as serious as how it looks and we're proud to work with an award winning audio post production engineer to give your story the highest quality of audio.

Media Consulting

We’ll take you inside a newsroom to show how decisions are made and help you understand why the media does what it does. Why certain stories are picked over others, how reporters decide who to talk to, what questions they’re going to ask, and how they’re going to get what they need. We can explain what the media wants when times are bad and how to get your story in the media when times are good. We can also help write your news release to make sure it gets before the newsroom decision makers.

Voice Over

From radio to television, Dan's voice has been heard over the airwaves for more than a quarter of a century. We can help if you’re looking for a narrator or someone to provide a voice work for commercials, audiobooks, specialized messages, or whatever you need.


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About Dan

Dan Bewley spent 25 years in the broadcast industry. His career in local television news took him to Texas, Virginia, Michigan, and right here in Tulsa as a reporter, anchor, photojournalist, and editor. He has covered a myriad of stories including disease outbreaks, natural disasters, the funeral of President Gerald R. Ford, and the closing of large companies. He’s seen first hand how organizations responded to those crises. He knows exactly what journalists are looking for and where they will go to get it. Dan has seen how stories connect people to one another. Your Story Media uses his experience as a storyteller to help you connect and stay connected with your clients and customers. Dan is also serves as the advisor for The Collegian, the student newspaper at the University of Tulsa. School.

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“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” Robert McKee

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